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Related post: Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:34:55 EDT From: Calcubx2aol.com Subject: Retreat Part 5The following is a work of fiction, fantasies designed to excite the flesh as well as the mind. I appreciate comments and suggestions. Luke and I surveyed the group. A young man in his early twenties was at Tony's feet, chewing his fleshy foreskin stroking a long tapered dick with the bear chewing his left tit. Steve bouncing atop a ten inch dildo, face buried in Jack's ass as they watched a video. The two tanned muscle men stopped wrestling and watched Luke, hands palming their straining cocks. Wordlessly, Luke walked up pedo cp top best to them, sitting his hairy ass on one face, pulling the other man pedo kids fuck pics to his swollen beef-stick. Tony motioned to me, pulling up the sucking kid; he shoved two fingers in the boy's mouth. They boy shivered, his bloated knob already oozing spunk, the flared cap trapped in the side of my jock pedo boy toplist as he spilled his boy-juice. "Help me out," the bear pleaded. "Gotta piss so hard, help me get my rocks off." He went back to sucking Tony's cock-nips. With eight solid inches in my face, I illegal pedo movie smelled his musk, sweat mixed with stale piss. I trapped the ample rim of his meat, sucking it, my tongue lapping the sensitive underside all the while playing with his furry sac. Tony jerked his inflexible stiffer and poked it wetly in my ear. I sucked the plump purple-helmet until I sensed it growing, a small spurt sliding down my throat. I stood just in time, to take his juicy load just under my balls. Luke and his partner now had their faces in each other's crotches. The third walked up to me, "Slap my balls." He said. I gripped the shaved bag, jerking them down roughly. He grunted pulling his iron stiff mast. I punched them with a balled fist. He howled. He sighed as I yanked again. I used them as a punching bag, left hook, right jab repeatedly. He peaked. The first string of gooey cream landed on the tip of my jock covered prick, I managed to get the spurting head under the pouch where he pumped three more hot globs. Luke brought his partner over to us, slipping the guys cock in as he buddy pulled out. Tony was on the other side so I was the middle of a cock sandwich. They humped the dicks against me, lubed with the previous three loads. I chewed Tony's nipples; the young man had his face buried in the other man's crack. "Gonna shoot." The yell was Tony. The second man, feeling the slimy spray unloaded his rod. "Outta the way," a voice shouted. Steve was running over to us, he barely got to me before his spewing meat sprayed a thick load down the front of my jock. "What's the count?" A deep voice said from the doorway. It was the State Trooper we'd seen on the first day. He stood with shirt open, revealing a smooth well-defined chest, stiff nipples, rippled abs. Chiseled. He pants unzipped; his prick stood out as fat and stiff as his billy club, capped with a greasy head. "Nineteen." Said pedo land children Luke, "goal's twenty." The cop walked over to me, knelt. "Five fresh." Luke added as the man inhaled a long slow breath. He stood up and surveyed the group. "Who wants to suck cop-cock?" Four men were immediately on the floor. "Don't go too far." He told me. Back in my room, I'd slipped into a pair of light sleep pants and polo shirt. My saturated jock-strap was wet and clammy -- it made me rock hard but I still had to fight the urge to shower. I met the twin's at their Cabin and we walked down to Buck's. I hadn't seen him since entering the orgy room, but I knew he'd have already heard. The four of us sat on his patio, having japan pedo movies a drink. "What's for dinner?" I asked Buck. "Grilled steaks, baked potatoes, asparagus and salad." He told us. "And dessert?" The words barely out of my mouth and I regretted it. "Creamsicles?" Loren offered smiling. "Close," Buck replied. "Fresh strawberries...with cream." I kicked him under the table. "Twenty, that's quite an accomplishment. What do you two think?" He asked the twins. "Hot, really fucking hot." Luke said. "You should have seen how much spunk some amateur pedosex of those guys shot." "Remember WHERE they shot. My jock's still damp." I said getting myself another drink. "The jock is great but I pedoworld free thumbs would love to take a shower." "No, it's a bath." Buck said pulling down my pants, cupping my damp crotch. "Tongue-bath and that comes after dessert." He rubbed his nose in the cup. "This is an appetizer." The twins rose. "Do you mind?" pics sex pedo Luke asked. He was soon chewing on my jock covered balls, Loren at the top of my shaft just under the spongy rim. "I still think xxx pedo movies it's great for the Retreat. I'm sure you two will be sharing your experiences here with friends. Recommend the Retreat?" He asked pedo baby fuck toplist them. They nodded enthusiastically. "I'm sure it won't be long before someone tries to top your record and you'll be long forgotten. Unless you've already come real lola photos pedo up with another idea?" He asked me. I replied, "Your butt in list of pedo movies my face." "Gladly, then my cock up your ass. "He bent to kiss me. "It's time to start dinner." We have a fun, quiet meal. We learned the twins were High School gym teachers, different schools. After the usual jokes about the availability of young meat, they explained their interest was on the more mature side which is why they like the Retreat. Loren erotic girls pedo and I did the dishes and joined the others in the heated porch for after-dinner drinks, the twins shared a cigar. There were a few minutes of uncomfortable silence until Buck stood, quickly stripping. "I'm sure you two don't mind but I made a promise earlier." He pulled off my shirt, pants and tossed the he jock-strap to Luke. "I'll bet the two of you can think of something to occupy yourselves." He dove for pedo fuck photo my crotch. The twins stood, the damp pedo kiddy pics jock lodged between their pedo pussy forum faces while they pulled at each others clothes. I paid them no more attention. Buck's soothing tongue licking everywhere, washing my nuts, cleaning the dried sperm from my shaft. I heaved a sigh as the head of my cock bumped the back of his throat, his lips around the root. pedo children porno The spit-shinned rod slapped wetly back on my belly as he went for my sex kids fre pedo nuts, swallowing one, then the other hard golf-ball. My legs were lifted and true to his promise, he kissed my ass. I wriggled feeling my butt hairs catch in his teeth as his tongue pounded relentlessly in and out my hole. I felt a wad of spit hit, the tip of this tongue piercing the tight sphincter, then a finger next to his tongue stretching me open. Luke reclined in the big over-stuffed chair, Loren in his favorite position between the spread legs. Getting his brother ready. I squirmed reaching for Buck's big fuck-rod, eager to get my mouth on him. He stood and fed it to me. "That's my little cowboy, suck that horse-dick. Your hot little pedo world images asshole has my name on it, baby." He was hornier that I'd ever seen him. He pulled me on top of him as he sat down, my ass ready this time. I barely winced as he slammed in all the way to the base and pulled me back up. No doubt the twins enjoying the view, his fat veined pole poking continuously in my hole. Amazed at his strength, he stood. I balanced with my hands on the ceiling; with child pedo cartoon comics him holding my ass-cheeks he fucked me roughly until we tumbled into the other chair. Our arms untangle, he leaned back buried to the hilt inside me. We looked over at the twins; Loren sat with Luke atop him, back to chest. Their eyes riveted to Buck and me. "This man is the hottest, tightest, sexiest fuck baby shock pedo illegal I've ever had." He told the twins. "I'm god-damn horny." He said to me with sex-crazed eyes, pulling me up. "And I feel wild." He pulled me into the kitchen, the twins scrambling to follow us. He pushed me on top of the table, rummaging in the mafia sex pedo pics fridge. He found what he was looking for, a can of whip cream. I yelped as the nozzle pierced my hole, the cold foam chilling my ass-canal. His tongue was lapping it up in seconds. I winced when I heard the shake of the can again, but I felt's Buck's fat cock-heart penetrate my hole and slide home. I glanced over just in time to see Loren's whip-creamed sheathed cock disappear in his brother's mouth. After a few minutes, my back was aching on the hard table. Buck easily lifted me up, settled down on a kitchen chair. It creaked precariously as we fucked. I pushed his head down, as I lifted off his ram-pole to pedo cartoon porn the very top, he could pedo japan sex take enough of my raging dick in his mouth to enflame me. The kitchen table was shaking; Luke perched on the edge getting hammered by his brother. Buck's tongue slathered the up my side, licking the sweat, burying his nose in my hairy pedo teen videos pit. As we slowed, I thumped his chest with my hard-on, cock-drool mixing with sweat. He nuzzled my ear. "I want to eat your cock." He breathed. He dragged me along to the living room where he knelt. Hand gripped my cum swollen nuts, a long strand of pre-jizz dripped onto his waiting tongue. Two fingers snaked into my hole, followed by a third. He pulled my balls, streams of pedo lowe sex silvery free pedo fucking pics juice dribbled from my ravaged piss-slit. The twins sat apart on the sofa, not even touching themselves. They watched me feed Buck my engorged pole, head to base I fucked his eager mouth foto illegal pedo for another five minutes before he lay down, legs spread. I was in heaven, his hole tasted hot and sweet, covered in sweat. I attacked the hairy butt-ring with relish. "Enjoying the show, boys?" He said looking at the twins, chest heaving." He pulled his rigid shaft straight up, letting is fall. It slapped loudly on his belly. real pedo photo "Almost time for the finale, unless cowboy here is up for an encore." I raised one eye questioning him. "Time for some audience participation. Which one of you hunks is going get fucked?" He asked the twins. Luke spread and pulled up his legs. "Get over here buddy, sit on my face. Hank, go get the other one ready." Luke didn't need to be asked twice, he squatted, spreading the high cheeks, Buck's tongue ran laps up and down the hairy crack. Loren sighed, appreciating the blow job I was giving him. After a few minutes, Buck pulled me up. "C'mon cowboy, time for one last ride." In the bedroom, he pulled back the pedo super stars comforter. "Beds big enough for four and its platform so it won't break. And don't worry about messing the sheets; dark pedoland Cowboy will make a mess bigger than the rest of us together." I was already on the bed legs over my shoulders. "Left nuts gunna burst, Buck. Fuck me!" I pleaded. He tickled the head of his cock at my hole, with a long sigh he slammed his prick home, the head bumping my prostate. I groaned, "Oh yeah, babycakes, feels pedophil bilder illegal so good." He pounded, pumped, top 100 pedo pink and fucked my ass hard. We switched positions, he sat with thighs resting on his legs, and I was riding his rammer. "Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum." I chanted. My balls young children pedo tingled, I fisted my throbbing meat. Dropping my head, I got caught the first thick jet in my mouth. My orgasm triggered Buck's, a fountain adult pedo sex stories of cream spewed, flying everywhere while he pumped his heavy load up my ass. Buck and I, in the final throes of our fuck heard a strangled "Holy shit." We glanced at the twins, Loren shuddering, spilling his hot seed into his brother, Luke pounding his spasming cock showering his brother's chest with his creamy spunk. Buck and I collapsed. Later, sharing one last night-cap, Luke asked me if I always shoot that much cum. "Nope," I said as Buck idly fingered the damp wet spots on my chest. "It's a combination of making my left nut ache..." I looked pedo sex videos up at Buck, "and the right man." "I didn't think sex could get any better than the other night. "Luke winked at brother." But this sure as hell was." I could feel Buck's spent meat start to harden against my butt, his fingers stroking my growing erection. "The free passwords pedo twins got up, gathering their things. "Thanks a lot, guys, we really enjoyed it." Buck said with a smile, standing up, his fully kids mafia photo pedo hard cock at attention. "Don't you want to stay for the encore?" There was no encore, we were both too tired and we slept. Buck woke me up around 5am, well not Buck, the pounding length of his stiff cock pounding along my ass crack. He held me tight as he fucked, his frothy load shooting onto my back. He woke me up again at 7:30 with a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast, in bed. "I'm having your things brought down here. I need your room, we're almost full this weekend." "Bullshit." I grumbled. "Then I won't have them brought down, you can stay in the Barracks." I meant, it's bullshit you need the room. You could have asked." I said, adding. "I would have, I mean, yes its fine." Thinking it over, I told him, "I've never tried monogamy." He bent over to kiss me. "Neither have I!" After a shower, I called my editor to make sure everything was good to go with the pedophil porn video story; I didn't want any more problems. I bounded up the path to enjoy the morning. I found JD in the great room, working. "I'm working on a class out-line pedo toplist illegal for Methods of Masturbation. "He told me. "I'm assuming you'll agree to be my guinea pig?" "Sure, "I replied. "As well as Achieving Multiple Orgasm." "Yep, again." I told him. "Genital Torture in the 18 th Century?" asian child pedo "Count on me." "Hank, you're not listening to me." JD looked me in the eyes. "What's pedo sex kids pics going on?" Just then, Jackson came in the room and porno xxx pedo gay walked directly toward me. "You're things have been moved, they were left in Buck's bedroom. By the way, do have a date this weekend or are you going to back out under the circumstances?" The sly smile. "Actually, Jackson." I returned the smile, hand feeling his thickening dick. "I may want to move it up, tonight? " I unzipped him and swallowed his cock. "Now?" "Tonight is fine, your place?" Again the smile. "I'll let you know." I told him, zipping up his pants. So..." JD looked at me. "They day you move in with Buck Cranston you make a date with Jackson?" "No, we made the date yesterday. My moving in with Buck is temporary, he needs the room. "I explained to JD. "Which I can see you believe as much as I did. You're the one that told me Jackson pedo list wanted my ass, I'm being obliging. Good for the Retreat." "And Buck?" JD asked. "Buck will probably watch patiently and wait his turn. " "You're falling in love." JD stated plainly. "JD, you know I've never had a successful relationship because I don't want pedo teen top one." I looked at him. "Okay, I've fallen in lust; heavy, heavy lust." I could see he still wasn't buying what I was selling. "Yes, I'm falling in love. teenie pedo sex Happy now, asshole?" "I don't believe ilegal pedo kds this, Hank Morgan. How many men have you had in one way or another? Is he that good?" JD asked. "Oooh, who's that." I pointed to a nicely built man, early forties, wearing a pair of beige boxer briefs hardly hiding a very long, very stiff boner was just leaving. JD shrugged his shoulders. "Think I'll go find out." I started to walk free little pedo sex away. "And no Buck isn't that good, he's a hell of a lot better." I ran into Buck in the hall, showing two new guests the gym. The two muscle bears were introduced as Andy and Thom. "This is Hank." Buck introduced me. "He's the hottest fuck in the place." I jabbed him with my elbow. "Sorry, we just started dating." He said kissing me. "Actually, gentleman, I also give a mean blow job, am handing at `yanking your crank' and if you have pedo sex picture gallery a hot, kinder pedo pics hairy asshole you can sit on my face anytime." I told them with a smug smile." All three men laughed. Andy and Thom went to check out the gym. Buck said, "I understand we're having pedo video x company again tonight." "I told him maybe, and I'd let him know where" I said. God-damn Jackson! "You mean I can't watch?" Buck asked with a pout. "Tell that to JD, "I told as I walked off. "He didn't believe me." Tony was coming through the door as I was leaving. "So how was it last night?" he asked. I looked shocked. "You mean the twins haven't described every detail?" "Nope, little virgin pedo won't say anything. Said if you wanted everyone to know, it would have been a public event." I had a bite to eat at the Diner and headed back up the path towards the Barracks. I waved to the couple in Cabin 4 on their way home. I ran into Loren and Luke in front of Cabin 1, Andy and Thom sitting on the porch watching. I gave each a wet, sloppy kiss. "Thank you." I told them. Loren said, cp pedo files "Thank you, the pleasure was ours." I told them I meant for not telling everyone the details. They looked at each other. Loren replied, "Hell, first I don't think anyone would believe us and..." "We figured if it's ever going to happen again, we better keep our mouths shut." Luke finished the sentence. "Guys, right on the second count, the first, no." illegal pedo porn dark I said. "After yesterday I think they'd believe anything about me." Andy motioned me up to the pedo top link porch. "Those are the pedo sex jpg hacked twins we've been hearing about?" I nodded. "The four of you last night? And, the jock strap, 20 loads?" "You mean this one?" I said pulling down my shorts. Both men were rubbing the generous mounds in their own shorts. The jock in question now tented by my very, erect cock. "Hot," Thom murmured under his breath. "It's still pretty sweet dolls pedo ripe." I said moving up to him. "Want a smell?" I snaked my hand down Andy's shorts, stroking a very thick 7 inches as Thom buried his nose in the jock. pedofilia samples "Any rumors you hear about me being an uninhibited, cock-crazed fiend, are entirely true." I illegal sex pedophile swallowed Andy's root. If Buck thought I boys russian pedo was an asset to the Retreat, who was I to argue? We played for awhile, but they were both saving themselves for later. In the Barracks were four young men, very early twenties, straight-marine recruit types sitting two to a bed across from each other. All naked, each jacking off listening intently to the `nasty talk' blond, eyes staring at his unzipped jeans, his hard angular cock jutting out. He motioned to me, they all turned. pedo privat "I was just telling the guys about your `project' yesterday. "He said. I slipped down my shorts showing them the pedo pix free exotic sex ukraine pedo stained jock. "Shit." A brunette with pedo galleries kids hard, developing pecs and a fotos pedophilia thin line of hair between tight abs, leading down to a bushy crotch said. He stroked a respectable 6 1/2 inches. "Wow, that's crazy." This was from a small-framed child pedofilia russian pic youth, stroking a stiff poker standing up from a close cropped patch of strawberry blond fuzz. "Man, does it still smell, you know, like jizz?" The dark-haired guy next to him asked. I walked up to him, pulling his face in my crotch, watching his prick involuntarily jumping as he sniffed. "Oh man, that's hot." He said. The first youth and the blond both came up for xxx pedo pre a tentative sniff. "You guys are so lame." The fourth said. He was probably the oldest, with a long, fat sausage with a ruby head and furry balls. "You don't want a whiff?" I asked him standing in front of him. "No way, man." He said dropping to his knees. "I want a taste." And he fastened his mouth on my jock-strap. He chewed around the pouch, up the side when my boner popped out. He wasted no time in sucking in half the shaft. Not expertly but I could tell I sexo pedo ilegal wasn't the pedo porn stories first he's tasted. "Shit, Danny, I can't believe you're doing that. "The first one said. "The fun of the Retreat is the sex. You're Jason?" A voice asked. Everyone looked up into Buck's smiling face. "It's here, it's available, why not enjoy it. It's what you came for, wasn't it?" With that, he knelt and swallowed Jason's dick. "Oh, yeah." Jason sighed as Buck tongued his trembling shaft, tip to root a few times before standing up. "Can I ask you a question?" It was the blond, Buck nodded, "I'm Robby. About the jock-strap, um, did it help?" "Let me put it his way, Robby. asian pedo girls "Buck said and he whispered in his ear. Robby looked at me bug-eyed. "That's it Buck, this cowboy won't be riding you for awhile." I told him. "Watch and learn, boys." He told the group unzipping his pants, hauling out half-hard horse-cock. Four sets of eyes grew pedophilia nude wider. I stories bondage pedo couldn't help but play along as Buck slapped my face porn pedo free list with his hog. Finally my mouth trapped the fat head and very slowly, for effect, went easily down to the root. I sucked for a few minutes until he tucked himself back in his pants. Robby had quietly lost it, shooting his creamy, compact load on his belly which I lapped up. Buck and I sloshed it around as we kissed. The twins were on their way in as Buck left. "They're legal, confused and horny, help them out." I heard Buck say, looking in our direction. They walked toward us, both looking incredibly hot in tight, white jockeys. "Whoa." Jason whispered under his breath as Loren stripped naked and lay on the bed. He pointed toward the dark-haired youth, "You're?" "Bill." The young man replied. "Bill, want to sit on my face? C'mon, let me lick your asshole." Bill looked at him, not believing what the hot hunk lying there wanted pedo sex videos free to do to him. Loren added "You like hot, Italian sausage?" he asked waving his crank. He dove, not needing to be asked pedo love collection twice. Luke was nibbling Jason's tits pedofil xxx while playing with his furry ball-bag as the boy squirmed. Robby tentatively rubbed the mound in Luke's shorts. Fifteen minutes later, four sets of hot young ball's had been drained. The twins and I headed downstairs. I smiled standing at the door of the executive office, JD had made progress, the man usually reading was now dressed in suit bb boys pedo & tie, across the desk, slacks and shorts bunched at his ankles. The husky guy that shoot load number one yesterday on his knees, face buried in the man's ass, slurping loudly. In the dungeon, Steve stood, arms chained high above him with nothing pedo naked little boys on but tit clamps and ball-stretcher. The man standing behind him stood the same height, shaved head, with a barrel chest matted in black hair, globular ass-checks, thick muscular thighs. His hefty condom-sheathed cock plowed Steve's ass. The one standing in front, tall with a leather harness and chaps. He pulled Steve's iron girl pedofilia stiff pole down, the unyielding erection snapped back up against his heaving belly. It went on and on, making him whimper. He moved to Steve's ball-bag, purple and swollen. He yanked brutally, the dick jumped, tugged again, repeatedly. "Hot shit." Jason was at my side. His 7 inches slid through my fingers. I pedo paradise photo stroked him as we watched the man fucking Steve arch his back, eyes closed no doubt dumping his load. Steve's kiddie pedo porn pics nuts were jerked down and his untouched dick exploded. His spunk shot a foot in the air, hard pedo porn kids landing on the face in front of him. I felt the pulse of Jason's strong, inflexible dick. His hand gently moved across my butt, feeling the hairy crack. "Hey," It was Jackson coming out of the garage. "Why don't you give his hole a nice tongue-bath, get baby sister pedo him ready pedo boys board cause tonight I'm going to fuck his ass like there's no tomorrow." Jason blushed. "I've never..." He started. "You don't need to, Jackson was just being is smart-mouth self." I told him. "But, but "Jason stuttered, "I'd like to try. No one's ever done it to me, either." Reminding myself why I was here, I pulled him into the class and locked the door. I stripped and had him lay down on the desk. I leaned over between his legs, nuzzling his fuzzy balls. I tasted the salty, sweat flesh. I devoured one, big egg; rolling it around in my mouth, then the second. I lick further down, pushing back his legs. My tongue skipped across the rosy-pink bud. He shuddered. I tickled around the tight ring, giving it an occasional wet slurp. It took several minutes for him to relax, the tip of my tongue finally feeling the band loosen, just a bit. I stood up. "Relax, don't do pedo malyshok anything you don't want." I got on top of him, ass to his face. "Just relax." I felt him push his cock into my chest, balls to my chin as I attacked his virgin hole with my tongue, pushing the tip in through his hole. I felt his mouth on my nuts, slathering them with his tongue finally getting one into his mouth, rolling pedo girl panties it around with surprising tenderness. No teeth, no gnawing. Hands around his ass I tested him. I dribbled a generous glob of spit in his crack and cautiously skimmed the aperture with my finger, finally slipping it in to the first joint. I pulled rapidly back out and replaced it with my tongue. The second time my finger entered him, I heard the whispered "oh yeah" and I kept my pedo girl video finger there, he was relaxing. I had my finger in his only to the knuckle when I felt his tongue scrape across the cleft of my ass. Then he started to eat with gusto. I alternately licked and fingered him while receiving an inexperienced however satisfying rim-job. After a few more minutes there was a knock on the door. We both clambered up, Jason flushed but with little boy pedo a very big grin on his pedo video torrent face. "Thanks," he said appreciatively. "That was incredible!" Blair was at the door; they were switching out the classroom and needed to move the furniture. Jason followed me down the hall to the garage where pedo thumb we found the husky guy had moved from the office and was in the front seat of the car, eagerly chewing on Danny's red-capped throbber. Robby next to, Bill standing on the hood both stroking and watching. "Want to see what I just learned." Jason said jumping on the hood, spreading his buddy's smooth ass-cheeks. Bill's eyes widened in wonder as he felt the first few swipes of the Jason's eager tongue on his hole. "Fucking A," Bill nude pedo kid soon said with a grin, enjoying his friend's new talent. Back upstairs, Jack sat on one of the john's slurping on the head of a very sleek, elongated blue-black dick that jutted through the glory-hole. The man it was attached to was in-turn having his ass eaten by one of the twins, Loren no doubt. The black man's partner was in the shower getting bathed by a steaming cascade of piss from the other twin. Just then, Jackson came in. I told. "Please, no comments about fucking!" "You shame me." He replied innocently, grabbing my ass. "Feels like somebody's already been getting litle girls pic pedo you ready." "Yeah, the jar-head took you at your word. What's the new playroom going to be?" "Let me put it this way. It should be ready tonight so we can play doctor." He commented as he strolled off. I decided it was time to do research for JD's masturbation pedo kiddy porn tgp class and headed down to Buck's. Settling into the comfy sofa I started flipping the list of movies, looking for something to `inspire' me. `The Hand that Wanks the Crank' sounded intriguing. gay porn kid pedo The film had scenes of men, alone, describing and/or demonstrating their various jack-off methods. I fast forwarded through many of the more usual techniques slowing down only for the cum-shots -- those always make me hot listening to the cries and moans, watching the `nads sneak into the body, dick elongating and the splash of milky-hot spunk. I found some that were very unusual. One guy with a short, stubby cock fucked a Mason jar with cold, cooked spaghetti covered in girls nude pedo pictures oil. Another said he liked to do it in the car, his balls tied to straps that wrapped around his big toes he could either extend his left leg, or every time he accelerated, his nuts stretched until he shot off. The construction worker driving a loader/hauler would sometimes work with a butt-plug shoved up his hole, the vibrations pedophile incest pics of the truck getting him off. Feeling randy and close to pooping, I went back to the collection of cum shots. I watched teen girls pedo pics about a dozen clips, finally at one, a close up of four spewing cocks covering a mustached pedo boy porno galery man's face with his tongue trying to lap as much up as he could, I went over the edge. I pedo schoolgirls strangled my prick, pumping it in my fingers til I sprayed my own load.
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